UKPA Membership Policy

Classes of Membership

The UK Python Assocation has two classes of membership:

  1. Members

    Members have the full rights and obligations described in the UKPA constitution, including the right to vote on members decisions.

  2. Associate Members

    Associate Membership is a non-voting class of membership as described in the UKPA constitution.

Application Process

  1. PyCon UK Attendance

    Any individual with a valid ticket to attend PyCon UK will be offered the opportunity to become a member of the UKPA starting on the first day of the conference and lasting for one calendar year or until the day immediately preceding the start of the following PyCon UK, whichever is sooner.

  2. Other

    Anyone who wishes to become a UKPA member but is unable to attend the annual PyCon UK conference should contact the trustees via email.

    Please note that the trustees will refuse any such applications from:

    • A corporate body

    • An individual or corporate body representing an organisation which is not incorporated

    • An individual below the age of 18 years

Membership Fees

There is no fee for either membership or associate membership.