John Pinner Award Policy

The John Pinner award is a yearly award given to an individual as recognition for their contribution to the UK python community.

The shortlist and the recipient will be awarded at the yearly PyCon UK conference.

People not eligible for the award:

  • The current John Pinner award chairperson

  • Current members of the John Pinner award committee

  • Current UKPA trustees

  • Current UKPATL directors

The award process:

The UKPA trustees appoint a John Pinner award chairperson. This person’s role is to:

  • Select a committee of 3 people (if the chairperson wants to, they can be one of these people).

  • Ensure there is a medal to be presented.

  • Publicise the existence of the award and invite nominations.

  • Collect nominations for recipients.

  • Organise the presentation ceremony.

The role of the John Pinner award committee is to:

  • Recommend a shortlist of 6 nominees to the UKPA trustees.

  • Recommend a recipient of the John Pinner award to the UKPA trustees.

These final two points should be done at least a calendar month before the conference at which the award will be presented.