Expenses Policy

The UKPA recognises that volunteers not only give freely of their time but are also prepared to accept a financial contribution as part of their commitment to the UKPA.

However, the UKPA considers that it should make financial provision to meet the reasonable costs incurred as part of its volunteers work in support of its charitable objects. This policy details the process and procedures for the recovery of such expenses. It should be noted that this policy only covers expenses incurred as part of UKPA activities.


Reasonable Expenses

The UKPA will settle claims for reasonable expenses such as travel, accommodation and subsistence as well as minor routine expenditures.

It is essential that prior agreement is obtained from the board of trustees for any such expense.

Mileage Rate

The approved HMRC travel rates for cars and motorcycles which can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rates-and-allowances-travel-mileage-and-fuel-allowances/travel-mileage-and-fuel-rates-and-allowances will be used when relevant.

Claims procedure

Claims and associated documentation should be sent to the treasurer of the UKPA, no later than 3 months after being incurred.