2020-01-10 Response to PyCon Namibia Sponsorship Request

This decision was taken at Trustees Meeting 13:00 10-Jan-2020 according to section 17.1 of the UKPA Constitution.


The original request came via email. The relevant excerpts are:

The sixth successive edition of PyCon Namibia https://na.pycon.org/ takes place 18-20 February 2020, at the NamPower Convention Centre in Windhoek.

This year’s sponsorship page is at https://na.pycon.org/sponsorship/. A PDF with the same information is attached.

The UK Python community has had a long association with PyCon Namibia and has supported us since the beginning. Last year the UK Python Association sponsored our event, and the activities and outcomes it helped support are detailed in our report: https://na.pycon.org/2019/.

As always, PyCon Namibia will publish a full conference report after the event. The event is covered by our well-publicised code of conduct https://na.pycon.org/code-of-conduct/

The UK Python Association’s support will help us cover basic costs of the conference: venue hire, catering and our support for attendees whose financial means are limited.

We would like to request a grant from the UK Python Association once more in the amount of US$2000.


The trustees consider that this request is a legitimate activity for the UKPA to support because:

  • Object 2 specifically indicates supporting overseas Python events.

  • This is an event organised by a member of the UKPA which is covered by object 1.b. (“Supporting and promoting Python related projects and events organised by UKPA members”)

The trustees consider that a level of US$2000 corresponds to a high proportion of the historical level of financial assistance made to PyCon UK, sponsorship packages and current funds. Thus, an amount equivalent to 1000 GBP is more appropriate.


The UKPA will request that the PyCon UK Society Limited (PUKSL) directors make a payment to PyCon Namibia of 1000 GBP.