2019-11-30 Resolution to Sign UKPA Trading Ltd Deeds


UKPA Trading Ltd (UKPATL) is a company limited by shares registered in England and Wales (company number 12254310). Its shares are 100% owned by UKPA.

Although UKPATL is wholly owned by UKPA, it is an independent body and free to act as its directors see fit.

It is, therefore, necessary to establish the relationship between the two bodies and, to do so, two deeds have been drawn up:

  1. Cost Recovery Deed: Sets the framework for the relationship between the two bodies and defines the rights and obligations of each in matters such as reimbursement for services provided, intellectual property, data protection and more.

  2. Deed of Covenant: Establishes that UKPATL profit shall be paid to UKPA and the terms of so doing.


To agree that any UKPA trustee, who is not also a director of UKPATL, is empowered to sign the Cost Recovery Deed and Deed of Covenant described above on behalf of the UKPA.

The decision to pass this resolution was taken in electronic form (via Github) according to section 17.2 of the UKPA constitution.