General Meeting 17:00 14-Sep-2019

Held at City Hall, Cardiff during PyCon UK 2019 A video of the meeting is available on the PyCon UK YouTube Channel.

Trustees Present

Tania Allard, Owen Campbell, Daniele Procida


Kristian Glass, Cecilia Liao


Owen Campbell presented a brief report the state of the UK Python Association:

  • The UKPA has approximately £5K of reserves

  • The trading company, UKPA Trading Ltd., has been registered. There is some more work to do before it is fully operational

  • The reserves from previous PyCon UK conferences are still held by PyCon UK Society Ltd.

  • The changes to our constitution to remove errors in cross-references, replace gender specific language terms and update our logo have been accepted by the Charity Commission

  • The proposed change to our charitable object was rejected by the Charity Commission


The change to our charitable object (removing the restriction whereby we may only operate within the UK) was rejected by the Charity Commission purely because of the wording we used. They had no objection to the principle of what we are trying to achieve.

The trustees, therefore, proposed:

That the trustees have permission to negotiate and agree a suitable set of objects with the Charity Commission with the aim of: 1. Removing the UK only restriction in our current objects whilst, 2. Leaving all other aspects of our objects unchanged.

The proposal was accepted by a show of hands.


Owen Campbell, as the longest serving elected trustee, retired according to clauses 13.1.1 and 13.1.2 of the constitution.

Since two further trustee resignations had occurred since the previous general meeting, there were thus three trustee vacancies.

Three nominations for election as a trustee had been received from:

  • Owen Campbell

  • Vincent Knight

  • David Spademan

All three were elected by a show of hands.